Thinking About Opening a Bar

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I am sort of thinking about opening a bar, down near the beach or near one of the beaches. It would be a way for me to move on from my current career to something a bit less formal. I was pricing it all out. Of course you would need to get a location, I would want to buy and not rent. Then you need to fix it up and promote the place. That would be a big thing, you would probably design some nice promotional products in brisbane, they have places here that do that sort of stuff and you would want to start out by getting the word out immediately. More than that you would need to get the first people through the door to walk out of the place and tell all of their friends that they had a great time. It is important to get off on the right foot.

You can get all the adverts in the world, all the social media marketing and radio spots, but that will not matter if people go to your place and say that it was not any fun. Getting the promotional products and you need to do that sort of stuff, when you are starting out you need to have a relatively large budget for marketing it would seem from my experience. Still at the end of the day you have to deliver what you promise the people who are spending their money. For example you see all the time where big studios spend enormous sums on a movie, not just to make it, but to promote it as well. Still they have to make a movie that people like and the most important thing is that the people who see it first tell their friend it was good.

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