Managing Money is Tough and Emergencies Still Pop Up

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We had just worked a lot of overtime to pay our taxes and pay an escrow shortage on our mortgage. We are struggling and have zero in savings right now. We Have one credit card, but it has a very low limit on it. Our credit is not bad but it’s not stellar either. We stretched our budget as thin as possible. We literally got our checking account down to less than five dollars until our next paycheck. We had a full tank of gas in each car we commuted to work in, but quick cash was soon needed. My uncle had passed away suddenly, and my wife and I had to go to the funeral. The problem was that he lives back where my parents live about 700 miles away.

Getting a couple days off of work was not a problem, and we could stay with my mom and dad once we got there. However, we did not even have the gas money to make the trip. We needed quick cash to get there and back. The quick loan made it so we could buy gas for the trip and have a few dollars once we arrived. We never let on to anyone that it was a real struggle for us to be there. After all, my aunt and my mom who is a sister to my uncle who passed away were grieving.

We went and paid our respects. My mom was relieved to see my wife and I. We help her out a lot every time we visit. She loves my wife immensely. I never say a mother and daughter-in-law get along so well. Before we left, my mom handed my wife an envelope. It was enough to pay back the quick cash loan we got to make the trip. Mom knew we were fixing the escrow problem and working overtime to do it. She knew we were probably in a little financial bind but made the trip anyway. You have to hand it to moms. They just kind of know things.

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