I Needed to Have the Sunday Ticket

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People seem to be pretty surprised when they find out that I like football because I am a girl. I’m not talking about cheering on the home team with friends either. I take it very seriously, which is why I was heartbroken when I had to move if I wanted to keep my job. I was being transferred as part of a promotion that I could not turn down, but that meant leaving my beloved Bengals behind. I wasn’t disappointed that I would miss their games, because I knew even before I moved that I was getting NFL Sunday Ticket before preseason started. I was disappointed because I would miss the games in person, though I only went once or twice a year.

This move turned out to be so good in a lot of ways though. It was definitely the right career move, but it turned out to be a good football move too. Even though I am a huge Bengals fan, I really like watching just about any of the teams play because I wanted to see how my fantasy football players were doing. I got the NFL Sunday Ticket through DIrecTV so I could watch them, but I was not counting on the benefit of being able to watch any NFL game at all, both in the preseason and the regular season.

This meant that if my Bengals were playing at 1pm, then I had my choice of several games to watch at 4pm. I usually did that anyway before I moved, but I had to watch whatever the local cable company was showing. With the Sunday Ticket, I am able to pick any game that I want to watch, and then see it in its entirety. I had no idea that this move would turn me into an even bigger football fan than what I already was!

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