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My wife and kids love to watch just about anything on TV, but I am a bit more selective. I do watch a good bit of programming myself, but the majority of what I watch is sports and news. That is why when the wife and kids told me they wanted to get satellite TV, I had to check something out before agreeing to it. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get sports with Direct TV. I already knew that I would be able to get news, as any TV provider has plenty of TV news channels.

However, I needed to make sure that I would still be able to watch hockey, baseball and football. I have favorite teams, mostly local ones, so I had to make sure I would be able to get sports channels as well as my local channels so I would be able to watch any local programming that had to do with one of the teams. I was happy to see that I would be able to get all of my sports programming that I had been watching up to this point, but the good news did not end there.

When I was looking online at the different packages, I saw that I would actually be able to get more channels than what I had been getting with the cable package we had. The best part of all, for me, was getting the NFL Sunday Ticket. The NFL does not allow every area to show whatever game they fancy. Because of the strict rules, I had to watch games I really wasn’t into because it was my only choice. Now, I am able to watch any NFL game that I want to see, and that feels like paradise to me. Oh, the wife and kids like their programming too!

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