I Learned My Lesson About Cutting My Hair Too Much and Got Help As Well

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After many years of not liking my hairstyle, I decided to get a drastic cut. I was unhappy with the way it looked right away. It made me unhappy every time I looked at myself in mirrors, windows as I passed by, etc. So, my stylist suggested that I try yet something else, which was to get a curly perm. I knew it would make my hair shorter, but I looked ridiculous. Desperate, I told him he had to help me fix it. He said that the best thing to do is to get curly weave extensions to make my hair longer.

After the first hair catastrophe, I made my stylist show me photos of what extensions would look like with hair that is as short as mine. I know what curly hair looks like just fine, however, I did not know anyone that had such a tight short perm like I had and whether adding hair would look good or not. Luckily, he had some other clients who had this same dilemma, and he had before and after photos. They looked fantastic. I made him promise me that he could make me look the same, and he promised. He even gave me a hug and said that he would help me out for free.

I was lucky in that he came over to my house that night after work to point out what exactly I should buy. We both sat down in front of my computer and visited a website that he knows very well. He said that their hair is human hair and fantastic quality. We went through many of the photos until we found something that looked like it matches mine perfectly. I ordered it, and then he told me to come back to his shop as soon as I received it. He was nice enough to keep his word, and he fixed me up and made me look good again on the same day that my weave arrived.

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