Getting Back into the Things of Normal Living

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After my sister underwent chemo she lost a lot of weight and her hair. It took months for her hair to start growing back and for her to put some weight back on. She no longer looked gaunt like she did when the medication was at its peak. She is now in full remission. I know that there are joys in life that help us want to live life. My sister has always went out of her way to look good. When her hair did not grow back in full and thick, I bought her Brazilian hair bundles to have weaved in.

I was making her get back into the swing of living again. No more hospital stays, and no more sitting at home suffering from the pain, nausea and other side effects of the treatments. She was over that, but it was tough to break her out of the established routine. I got us tickets to a play she has been wanting to see, and I coaxed her to get the weave and to dress up for the evening.

I also convinced her to call a male nurse she met at the hospital. He really liked her. I could tell. She said he was just being nice because it was his job. I was right though. When she called, he asked her out right away. I suggested the play, and he was eager since he liked the theater as well. They already had a rapport and a lot of conversation under their belts from the time he cared for her in the hospital. Now he was going to see her all fixed up and looking great.

When he drove by to pick her up, his jaw hit the floor. He was amazed at how she looks now. We all went in his car. Me and my date and my sister and the nurse. We had a great time, and this broke her out of that shell. I don’t know if they will be together as time goes on, but I do know they are enjoying each other’s company right now.

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