Changing Our Country One Internet at a Time

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I was recently surprised by the quality of the indiana dsl service that I had ordered during my brief stay in the area to work on a project for my company. I was dreading moving up there, even if it was only going to be for six months, as I expected to be staying in a state that was more backwards than West Virgina. I had been told some horror stories about the place before moving in that made me shake my head in amazement at just how backwards a state could be. Still, while it was not the most welcoming of states, I was at least happy with the quality of my web experience from one of their local DSL companies. Typically, I would not have even bothered with DSL but as of late I have begun to re-consider my stance regarding that method of service as I become increasingly frustrated with the quality of service that Big Three offer in their stead.

With Verizon doing everything that they can to make a mockery of Net Neutrality and everything that it stands for, Time Warner and Comcast are not far behind by offering up some of the worst customer service experiences imaginable. With constant loss of signal and connection from both companies, it makes you wonder what happened to the money that they had been given to upgrade their cable infrastructure and why we are not being given a tax credit every year for the money that they clearly have mishandled. I feel exploited more than I ever have before. These three companies are doing all that they can to exploit us because they have so much control over access to the web while also being cable providers. They should not have this much control over content in the United States!

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