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Fletcher Gallien

Why I Wanted to Switch

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When my Comcast cable service bill went up, I had to make a decision. I know that things go up in price all the time, so I was not upset over the price increase. I just knew that I had other options, so I decided to see if any of them would save me money. I first looked at my cable package to see if there was anything that I could drop. If I dropped my package to a lower tier though, I would end up losing channels that air some of my favorite programming.

I decided to look elsewhere at other options to see if it would be better to switch. That is why I started looking at Directv. The prices were actually comparable to my Comcast service, but the promotions were really good. If I switched, I would end up saving a nice chunk of change every month because I could lock in my prices for either one or two years. Since I don’t want to go without television service, I knew that the two year price lock was the best choice.

There were other things that factored into my decision too. I love watching movies, and I was able to get all of the premium movie channels for free for three months. That meant that I could watch HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Encore and Showtime as much as I wanted for free. Since I also got a DVR recorder, I was able to start recording movies from the first day. I have been watching them on a regular basis since switching, and I have never been happier with my television services as I am right now. I have 22 more months to go before I have to decide if I want to stay with them, but right now I have a feeling that I will!

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