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Fletcher Gallien

Our Son is Becoming a Better Photographer Using an Old Smartphone Camera

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I gave our young son my old smartphone a couple of months ago. He is on our account that has unlimited phone minutes and text messages. I thought he would be going nuts about the ability to play games, but he is actually using the camera to become a better photographer. Some of the best experience I have ever received when I started into photography was using equipment not quite up to the job to get the shot. When I saw some of the photos he was capturing with that older smartphone, I bought him a blue Selfie Stick to extend his capabilities.

The Selfie Stick is great for getting the camera into places and positions to grab some nice shots. We got the one with the Bluetooth shutter remote so he did not have to use voice activation or the self timer option. He just presses the button on the handle and the camera activates in still or video mode. I showed him how to use the blue Selfie Stick as a monopod for steadying his shots too. This is real important for video on a smartphone. You want smoothness and no jerky movements when you are shooting video with a cell phone.

He uses it all of the time. I’m telling you, with the HD resolution of that smartphone, you can’t tell he is not using a nice DSLR. The only way I could tell would be to look at the details in the file original. He really has a keen eye for capturing subjects at the best angle. The blue Selfie Stick I got him helps with that. He shoots smooth video scenes using it too. After I have seen what he can do with a smartphone camera and Selfie Stick, I know we are just going to have to get him a mid-level quality DSLR for Christmas.

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