Black Mountain Side follows a group of archaeologists after they uncover a strange structure in Northern Canada, dating over ten thousand years before the present. The team finds themselves isolated when their communication systems fail and it is not long before they begin to feel the effects of the solitude.

“A beautifully-shot, creepy love letter to John Carpenter’s THE THING”
– Film School Rejects

“…this Canadian paranoid horror flick is a beast all its own.”
-Bloody Disgusting

“BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE is expertly made and gorgeous to look at”
-Ain’t It Cool News

“The creepiness factor jumps right off the scale”
– Dread Central

Official Selection:
Fantasia International Film Festival 2014
Austin Film Festival 2014
Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2014
San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2015
HARD: LINE International Film Festival 2015
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2015
St. Lawrence International Film Festival 2015
Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2015

“Best Cinematography”
Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2014
“Best Feature”
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2015

Leo Award Nominee for Best Sound Design and Best Cinematography







Quite a few Amazing mountain Photographs

  1. mountain

    Photo fromKiwi Tom




  3. mountain

    Photo frombarnyz
    Malcesine mountain. View from Monte Baldo looking over Lake Garda




  5. Mountain – Alaska’s Denali

    Photo fromblmiers2
    Mountain – Alaska’s Denali, highest peak in North America, elevation 20,320 feet.

    See my Alaska set


    Every time I have some moment on a seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved.
    Bill Bradley




  7. Mountain

    Photo from@Doug88888




  9. mountain

    Photo frombarnyz
    Mittenwald mountain. At the top of Karwendel. Standing in Germany but looking out into Austria alps.




  11. The mountains are calling and I must go. John Muir

    Photo fromblmiers2
    The mountains are calling and I must go.
    John Muir
    Denali, Alaska

    This photo used here:




  13. mountain

    Photo frombarnyz
    Mittenwald mountain. Looking across Lautersee toward Karwendel




After many years of not liking my hairstyle, I decided to get a drastic cut. I was unhappy with the way it looked right away. It made me unhappy every time I looked at myself in mirrors, windows as I passed by, etc. So, my stylist suggested that I try yet something else, which was to get a curly perm. I knew it would make my hair shorter, but I looked ridiculous. Desperate, I told him he had to help me fix it. He said that the best thing to do is to get curly weave extensions to make my hair longer.

After the first hair catastrophe, I made my stylist show me photos of what extensions would look like with hair that is as short as mine. Continue reading

After my sister underwent chemo she lost a lot of weight and her hair. It took months for her hair to start growing back and for her to put some weight back on. She no longer looked gaunt like she did when the medication was at its peak. She is now in full remission. I know that there are joys in life that help us want to live life. My sister has always went out of her way to look good. When her hair did not grow back in full and thick, I bought her Brazilian hair bundles to have weaved in.

I was making her get back into the swing of living again. No more hospital stays, and no more sitting at home suffering from the pain, nausea and other side effects of the treatments. Continue reading

People seem to be pretty surprised when they find out that I like football because I am a girl. I’m not talking about cheering on the home team with friends either. I take it very seriously, which is why I was heartbroken when I had to move if I wanted to keep my job. I was being transferred as part of a promotion that I could not turn down, but that meant leaving my beloved Bengals behind. I wasn’t disappointed that I would miss their games, because I knew even before I moved that I was getting NFL Sunday Ticket before preseason started. I was disappointed because I would miss the games in person, though I only went once or twice a year.

This move turned out to be so good in a lot of ways though. Continue reading

We had just worked a lot of overtime to pay our taxes and pay an escrow shortage on our mortgage. We are struggling and have zero in savings right now. We Have one credit card, but it has a very low limit on it. Our credit is not bad but it’s not stellar either. We stretched our budget as thin as possible. We literally got our checking account down to less than five dollars until our next paycheck. We had a full tank of gas in each car we commuted to work in, but quick cash was soon needed. My uncle had passed away suddenly, and my wife and I had to go to the funeral. The problem was that he lives back where my parents live about 700 miles away.

Getting a couple days off of work was not a problem, and we could stay with my mom and dad once we got there. However, we did not even have the gas money to make the trip. We needed quick cash to get there and back. The quick loan made it so we could buy gas for the trip and have a few dollars once we arrived. We never let on to anyone that it was a real struggle for us to be there. Continue reading

My wife and kids love to watch just about anything on TV, but I am a bit more selective. I do watch a good bit of programming myself, but the majority of what I watch is sports and news. That is why when the wife and kids told me they wanted to get satellite TV, I had to check something out before agreeing to it. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get sports with Direct TV. I already knew that I would be able to get news, as any TV provider has plenty of TV news channels.

However, I needed to make sure that I would still be able to watch hockey, baseball and football. I have favorite teams, mostly local ones, so I had to make sure I would be able to get sports channels as well as my local channels so I would be able to watch any local programming that had to do with one of the teams. I was happy to see that I would be able to get all of my sports programming that I had been watching up to this point, but the good news did not end there. Continue reading

I was born and raised in a very small town. The population was less than 1,000 people, and there were only 59 kids who graduated with me in my high school class. Going from a town like that to Los Angeles can be a pretty scary move, but it was one that had to be done if I wanted to have my dream job. I was able to find a nice house for my wife and I, but I still was not used to living in the city. That is why I searched for ADT in Los Angeles within just a few weeks of living there. Continue reading

When my Comcast cable service bill went up, I had to make a decision. I know that things go up in price all the time, so I was not upset over the price increase. I just knew that I had other options, so I decided to see if any of them would save me money. I first looked at my cable package to see if there was anything that I could drop. If I dropped my package to a lower tier though, I would end up losing channels that air some of my favorite programming.

I decided to look elsewhere at other options to see if it would be better to switch. That is why I started looking at Directv. The prices were actually comparable to my Comcast service, but the promotions were really good. Continue reading

When my cable company changed the channel line up, I got upset. While I could still watch my favorite show if I wanted to, it meant that I would have to subscribe to their most expensive package. I didn’t think that was fair that they put such a popular channel in the highest priced package, and I decided that I was not going to play their games. I looked at the channel information for DirecTV because I knew that they had some impressive prices for new customers. When I saw that the channel I wanted was in a mid level package, I contacted them to get more information.

They told me all of the perks that I would get for switching over to them. Not only would I get better prices, but the installation would also be free. When the rep started telling me about the Genie receiver, I knew that I was going to switch. Continue reading

I have been more and more unhappy with my cable company for a long time and it is pretty much all about the bill they send me at the end of the month. I guess they could give me better internet service and I might like to have some better TV channels, but for the most part I just think they should be asking about half as much for their product as they are. I started looking at stuff like services and of course the question is whether or not the deal they have on offer is as good as they make it look, after you dig down and see what it is you are really signing up for. Continue reading

When I first came across, I wasn’t entirely sure if this was the place I had been looking for. After recently moving to the area from Indiana, I was being more cautious than I typically find myself. I wanted to ensure that my experience here would be a good one for the duration of my stay. Since the company that I work for decided they needed a new guy to oversee the grand opening of their division here and thought that I would make the best of candidates despite my protests, I don’t want this to be any worse than it has to be. Continue reading

I am sort of thinking about opening a bar, down near the beach or near one of the beaches. It would be a way for me to move on from my current career to something a bit less formal. I was pricing it all out. Of course you would need to get a location, I would want to buy and not rent. Then you need to fix it up and promote the place. That would be a big thing, you would probably design some nice promotional products in brisbane, they have places here that do that sort of stuff and you would want to start out by getting the word out immediately. Continue reading

  1. My C drive is always being checked when my computer is started. It’s a pain and since it never finds anything wrong, useless. How should i get it to stop this automatic checking?

    Answer by cholley_dooo
    download DFT follow the directions on the site, run an advanced test, the drive could have errors on it that windows can’t find.

    it will test both the drive and controller

  2. WHAT IS A CLOSED C FLUTE, is it worth purchasing for a beginner?

    Answer by mamianka
    Most beginners flutes are closed-hole, C foot flutes. As the student progresses, they often wish to change over to open hole ( 2 keys in the LH, 3 in the RH have open holes in them) and a B foot – but often do not know why. Some students buy an open-hole flute- and then stick PLUGS into the open holes – forever! This does NOT convert this into a closed -hole flute (gee, it sure looks like one!). Open hole flutes have the tops of the keys set lower to the chimneys, for less travel time, and therefore, theoretically faster action (other factors included). A *B foot* is not there to play a low B – it is there to change the resonance, fingering possibilities, and often ease of many 3rd octave notes.

    Only buy a flute form a FLUTE house – like FluteWorld, J L Smith, Carolyn Nussbaum, Phil Unger, Jeff Weissman, etc. Do NOT buy form some big-box like Musicians Friend, Woodwind/Brasswind, etc. – a NEVER EVER off Amazon or eBay.

    So – the closed-hole C foot flute is fine – if you also follow my other advice.

  3. I am using Visual C# in vista and I would like to know how to access the serial port to control LED’s on a microcontroller. I would like something basic to get me started.

    Answer by mdigitale
    You’re going to need to write your own driver with something more powerful than C# — C and some assembly. Google “Microsoft DDK” or “Windows Driver Kit”. Once you have the driver, you can access it with C#, VB, VC++, etc.

    You can also use pre-written drivers (by buying a kit and using the one they supply)

  4. I don’t like the Vitamin C water drops so I have to give my two guinea pigs vitamin c through fruits and vegetables. They always get romaine and carrots and strawberries, but they don’t like red bell peppers and oranges. What other fruits are there that have lots of vitamin c and are safe for guinea pigs?

    Answer by Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
    Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin C-my piggies get it every morning!

  5. With all dSLR manufacturers racing against time to cram more megapixels on their APS-C sensors, I wonder will there be a time where dSLR cameras start to be compact cameras with more noise? And what is the ideal MP in an APS-C sensor?

    Answer by garisonc
    The answer to your question is that it depends. Canon has 10 MP APS-C sensors in the Rebel XTi (400D) and the 40D camera and both perform very differently as far as noise reduction. The Rebel XTi runs a Canon Digic II processor which is not as advanced as the Digic III processor in the 40D. The processor in the 40 is so good that the images show very little additional noise when compared to images produced by the Canon 5D which has a full size sensor.

    So in response to your question, we have hit the point where noise from too many pixels is a potential problem, but the additional power in the new image processing chips are counter acting the issues with the newer sensors.

Gout is not fun at all. I don't imagine that any disease is really fun, but gout is extremely painful. When my husband was diagnosed with it, he actually missed work several times because of the flareups. We knew that we had to do something because he was just in too much pain. I wanted to find out more information on gout than what our doctor had given to us, so I went online to see what I could find out. I was able to find a website that has a lot of information on gout, and I was surprised by some of the things that I had found out.

My husband enjoys pineapples, but that is one of those foods that we usually eat when we are out and it is on a buffet. We rarely had it in our home, and I saw where this was a huge mistake. Pineapples have a large amount of potassium in them, which is extremely helpful to someone with gout. This is because gout happens when uric acid builds up in the body. It usually makes a person legs or feet, or even hands and fingers, very sore, even to the touch.

The potassium that is found in pineapples actually converts the uric acid into something else, which is then processed by the kidneys. That means that it is being filtered through the kidneys as something safe rather than staying in his body as something that causes extreme pain. When I found this out, I went to the store the same day and bought three raw pineapples. Though any pineapple will do, it is best to have it raw to get all of the nutrients from it. He now eats several rings of fresh pineapple a day, and he is doing much better as a result!

Research Much More

Search Engine Optimization can be described as an advertising framework intended to drive more potential clients to your site, and in this manner your business. I've been working with a New York SEO company for several months now and this is what I've learned. Your SEO objectives ought to be characterized by your business needs and the method distinguished. Case in point, on the off chance that you are a nearby store, you might simply require the fundamentals of SEO techniques to fabricate the obliged activity. Then again, in the event that you are a web exchanging organization, contributing additional time, cash and exertion into website streamlining may work marvels at expanding your business income.

It is essential that your SEO objectives are adjusted to your business objectives and are evaluated occasionally. It is similarly critical to comprehend that in spite of the fact that the introductory days of streamlining may be a colossal venture forward, SEO ought to be viewed as a continuous procedure. The normal result of a site design improvement activity is a superior page positioning. This decides on which page of the inquiry list your site connection shows up. The positioning in an internet searcher decides how rapidly your intended interest group finds your page, and specifically interprets into income for you.

Precisely how a web index does the positioning is not known, however we can make a couple of instructed speculations. The most essential variable is the vicinity and recovery of decisive words. Making utilization of the privilege catchphrases is imperative. In the above illustration "furniture showrooms in Mumbai", "great quality sofas", "parlor sets" could be samples of decisive words typically utilized by forthcoming purchasers to scan for a furniture store. Where these catchphrases are put in the page, the quantity of times it shows up and so forth would influence the page positioning. On the drawback, an excess of essential words (in the event that they are concealed or not utilized as a part of the right setting) could likewise hurt you - as it might be stamped as spam.

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Kangaroo Island is one of those rare places that defies description: the only way to appreciate it is to see it in person. This 93 mile (150km) long, 35 mile (57km) wide island, just 8 miles (13km) from the tip of South Australias Fleurieu Peninsula and 70 miles (112km) southwest of Adelaide, is in a natural world of its own. Thankfully, the islands 4,400 permanent residents are anxious to preserve this pristine island just as it is. Many Kangaroo Island locals, who call their island simply "KI", have roots on the island that go back to some of the original settlers. They have an intimate knowledge of their island and wouldnt dream of living anywhere else. They are more than happy to share their knowledge with visitors, but on the islands terms. You wont find highrises and superhighways on Kangaroo Island: it is designed to be a low-environmental-impact sanctuary for nature and lovers of nature. National Parks and Conservation areas cover over a third of the island. These areas have been set aside for generations, so you see little if any evidence of earlier exploitation. There are plant and animal species on the island that have been there for tens of thousands of years, Research Much More

If you do a lot of sit-ups and crunches to build up your core strength, and your back hurts a lot, you should find other types of exercises to do. Consider practicing yoga; lay down on your stomach, then balance your body on your hands and toes, which will strengthen your core. If you feel any sort of pain when you are with the chiropractor, be sure to let the doctor know immediately. Your chiropractor may be an expert, but it's your body. You need to let the doctor know if something that's happening is causing an unexpected amount of pain.If you visit a chiropractor who talks about "subluxations," features pamphlets about nerve interference in their waiting rooms, or talks about the ways that chiropractic treatments can help cure almost every medical problem, get out before you sign a contract. Chiropractic treatment is beneficial for musculoskeletal issues, and little else. Chiropractors have been helping people with their back issues for decades. Surprisingly, many people don't think they need one. They constantly deal with back pain, when in many cases a simple adjustment can make all the difference. If you are hoping to find some relief and learn about chiropractic options, Research Much More

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Don't give up on landscaping just because you are unable afford the whole project at once. Undertaking a large project in phases is ideal because it allows you to learn as you go and avoid repeating mistakes. With the right additions, it is possible to create a look that is even more appealing than you ever thought possible.If you are adding an outdoor kitchen to your yard, granite works really well. There are many cheaper materials available, but they can be damaged by water, temperature fluctuations or having hot items placed upon them. To create a landscaping design that is visually appealing and easy to take care of, be sure to use native plants. Plants that have already been proven to thrive in your climate will be easier to maintain than those that haven't. Local plants will also require less supplemental irrigation, which will save money on your water bills. Make sure to consult with a professional before beginning your landscaping project. Speaking with landscaping professionals can help save both time and money. Since they have more experience, they can give you advice on what not to do. If you know what you are doing, a second opinion on the matter can still be very Research Much More

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Don't ramble on your page. Don't fall into the Facebook trap of thinking more posting is best. People don't need to know every last thing you are up to. In fact, if you tend to ramble off-topic, you may actually be doing more harm than good. People follow you for a reason, so keep your focus on what you or your brand does best.Think about joining groups on Facebook that are related to the field that you work in. The more of a presence that you make on facebook, the more people you will end up reaching. As you know, the more people that you reach, the higher your earning potential will be.You will gain your customers' trust whenever they feel personally connected to you. This is true of marketing in general, and Facebook is no exception. Go ahead and inform them of what you barbequed this last weekend. After developing a personal connection, talk about your products.Since so many people are using Facebook, you should be, too. No matter if your business is small or very new, it really can help you market yourself more effectively. Remember the tips shared here and you can have a successful Facebook marketing campaign.Think of Facebook as a dialogue. A lot of people when they begin Research Much More

Jakes weaves an intricate storyline that exhibits redemption, love, and mercyGlennville, GA (PRWEB) October 14, 2014 J.G. Jakess The Rivers Edge, ($ 16.49, paperback, 9781498410090; $ 8.99, e-book, 9781498410083) a historic fiction, will keep readers on the edge of their seats. In addition to unending action and suspense, the raw emotion and realness in these characters truly make the novel. No doubt, there is an underlying message that points to forgiveness and loveespecially towards those who least deserve it. Protagonist, Katie McAllister, must search within the very depths of her soul to find the strength to let go of her vow for vengeance. Forgiveness should be a characteristic of the Christian life, which sets us apart from the rest of the world, states the author. And, yet, forgiveness can be one of the toughest things in life we have to do. Not only is it important that we forgive, but it is necessary. When we succumb to revenge and hatefulness as a way of dealing with those who have wronged us, we discover that it boomerangs. We are the ones who suffer the most. Author and speaker, J. G. Jakes, was born and raised in South Georgia. As a child, Research Much More

A certain amount of Interesting revenge Images TV Characters. RevengeImage by BarbieFantasies Victoria and Conrad Grayson, their son Daniel, Emily, Nolan her true friend.   Graysons are a family with large dark secrets, they had put Emilys father into prison and later he died.   Emily is dating their son Daniel, which is a constant worry for Victoria, who feels that RevengeSupport This Blog By Visiting Sponsor Website referring to Livejasmin -LivejasminImage by Sylvain_Latouche [Imported from my former stream] Research Much More

Keep meetings with prospective recruits under an hour in length. If you are talking with someone about network marketing and you exceed the hour mark, you are indicating to the prospect that this business is going to take a lot of time and energy. You should always encourage the down line to help you communicate and participate. Do they suffer from shyness? Are they having some issues? Try to encourage them to seek you out with any concerns or questions they may have, and to interact with others from the network on a regular basis. You need your group to be top-notch, and to be so it's crucial to foster community. You should aim to draw prospects to your page. This may be the hardest aspect of network marketing, but this can make or break you. Once you are able to get a person to look at your website, he or she will have a better idea of what you are selling so that person can decide what to do.Creating a blog on your website can help you keep your clients up-to-date with the happenings of your business. This will remind people about your business and keep them interested. Write new blog articles about what is going on in your field right now, or about your personal experience Research Much More

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There are many therapeutic methods to help treat the symptoms of both your disease and the cure. Consider getting a massage or acupuncture treatment, or you could also give aromatherapy a shot. Yoga is another great way to reduce stress. Any of these will help you to be as calm as possible during what is arguably one of the highest stress times you will likely experience.You body needs a restful eight hours of sleep daily. Cancer treatments fight off the disease but may leave you very tired and full of anxiety. When you get enough sleep, you replenish the body of needed energy and its ability to heal faster. If it becomes necessary, keep a schedule where you could rest during the day.Keeping yourself physically fit is great for your personal health, but it is also an excellent preventative measure for fighting cancer. Exercise will increase your heart rate and will make you sweat. This can help to remove impurities and toxins from your system, lowering the chances of you developing some forms of cancer. Detecting cancer at the earliest possible stage is key when it comes to beating cancer. Talk with your doctor and set up regular times for screenings to best eliminate the chance Research Much More

A couple of Stylish tart Snap shots strawberry tartImage by nyoin strawberry tart : Homemade Pop TartsImage by djwtwo The latest experimental baking project: Pop-Tarts. I made two varieties, these filled with homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, and another with a chocolate crust filled with Nutella (and attempting to mimic store-bought strawberry and chocolate Pop-Tarts, at least visually.)I dont think Ive gotten a crust that Im happy with yet. Regular Pop-Tart crust is like dry pie crust, and I didnt want to go that route, but I figured that the crust needed to be a bit stronger than pie crust typically is. This time around, I tried an egg, but that doesnt appear to be the right answer, as the crust was too firm instead (albeit still tastier than stock Pop-Tart crust). I think that part of the problem was that I figured the extra fat in the egg would compensate for the extra liquid in the egg, but given the gluten that formed in the resulting dough, I think I figured wrong. The recipe below is as I prepped things last night; next time Ill probably drop the egg but add a little extra liquid and some vegetable shortening to keep a 3 part flour : Research Much More

We do not enjoy seeing people struggle to find the best furniture pieces. This is the reason for the tips in this article, to help you and people like you. This knowledge has been collected and presented here in a format easy for you to read and learn from. So take that knowledge with you as you start shopping today.When purchasing a piece of furniture, ask about the store's return policy. Many stores offer an in home trial of furniture items; however, mattresses are generally not covered under the in home trial. There may also be surcharge if the item is returned. By finding out in advance, you can save yourself such charges. When you are having new furniture delivered to your home, make sure that you check it out before you sign the receipt of delivery. If you sign the form then notice something is wrong with the furniture once it is in the house, you may have a hard time getting the company to repair or replace it.If you measure twice or more, you only have to buy once. While it is likely you can return a piece of furniture that doesn't fit, that means moving more furniture than you want to. Know the measurements of both your overall room and where a piece will specifically Research Much More